Fuel Management

The most effective way to cut costs

You already know that fuel takes up as much as 40% and sometimes even up to 50% of all direct cost to your fleet based business. Let us help you mange your fuel costs and prevent fuel theft which you might not even be aware of in your business. With our fuel management system you are able to see fillings and drainages on your tank and pin point exactly where is is taking place. It is only logical to prevent fuel theft in order to cut operational costs and optimise the processes.  

Now you can run your business more effectively and efficiently cut fuel costs with our state of the art fuel management systems. Simply call us today on 011 201 4692 email us on info@oriontracking.co.za or fill out an enquiry form and we will get back to you right away.

Advantages Of Having This System In Place

Delivers information in real time 

Results are highly accurate and therefore very reliable

The sensor forwards data on the fuel level at any given moment in time, including information on the event of refuel or drains, which helps stay in the know of the vehicles operations.

Be proactive in a case where fuel is being stolen

Loss Of Fuel

It is only logical to prevent fuel theft, in order to cut operational costs and optimize the processes

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