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Our mobile digital video recorder supports 4 road analog audio and video recording playback of any vehicle. Our products use DSPS ARM dual core processors, built-in Linux embedded operating systems and are combined with an IT field of the most advanced H.264 video codec, 3G/4G network and GPS positioning. Our set power protection technology, SD card damping technology, SD card heating technology and vehicle width voltage design in a body can be widely used in buses, logistics vehicles, school busses, police cars, financial escort vehicles and any other motor vehicles. Our equipment is continuously and carefully updated and Is state of the art in terms of performance, quality and functionality.

Put our products to the test and let the proof be in the pudding. We will prove that not only are our products the best on the market but they are all the most cost effective. Don’t waste another second and call us today on 065 966 7126 for more information.

Product Characteristics  

  • To support the H.264 image compression encoding, 4: 100fps@720P PAL, 8:200fps@960H PAL

  • support 4 analog audio and video recording and playback at the same time, up to 4 (720P AHD / 960H) analog audio and video + 1080P IPC simultaneous recording

  • head by air video interface, high reliability, strong seismic effect

  • To support the hard disk heating technology, can work at -40 DEG C to + 60 C

  • A 8V-36V wide voltage DC power supply, 12V power supply output voltage support

  • can be built 3G / 4G networks, GPS, Wi-Fi module (optional 5.8GHz dual antenna Wi-Fi___33, adapt to high-definition video downloads, high speed)

  • To adopt UPS power protection technology patent, to cut off the external power supply can work for 3~8 seconds, to prevent accidental damage to video files

  • The SD card supports 2 built-in SD card, maximum support 128G capacities.

  • The hard disk machine built-in 2.5 inch hard disk, 2TB disk support professional.

  • Has good scalability, with 1 RS485 interfaces, 1 RS232 interfaces

Advantages of our cameras

Increasing your daily revenue
Monitoring diesel theft
Driver and passenger safety
Accident reconstruction
Monitor cell phone use while driving

SD Cards(Transcend or SanDisk)

32 - 128 Class 10
Memory card not mini SD card

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